The World’s Youngest Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)

Today’s kids have grown up in the age of online communication, networking, the internet, cell phones, digital music and digital cable, they have had different childhood experiences compared with other generations. This makes them more likely to react differently than their older counterparts to technology and learning initiatives.

Born 13 March 2004 in Texas, USA, Shafay Thobani is a young IT prodigy from Pakistan who started learning computers at the age of 4.

This 8 years old kid is the son of Dr Shah Thobani who is the CEO of Thobson Technologies, Pakistan’s Largest Managed Infrastructure and Solutions Provider. Dr Thobani has served industry for over 25 years now.

Living with Technology and Computer environment, this wire-head kid has been using computer games, x-box, PSP, Wii, Mobiles, Laptops, Ipad, Server, Switches and all the technology installation, integration, deployment facilities available at home and his father’s office.

The Background

Recent research has suggested that a blood flow to the part of the brain responsible for mathematical calculations of six to seven times the normal rate is one of the factors that enable mental calculators to work out math much faster than the average person.

This little child performs complex mental calculation techniques of numbers in his head extremely fast than the other counter parts.

Keeping all the logical, mathematical and technology interest in mind, the family decided to provide all possible technology at home to encourage the child’s interest.

The Challenge

Teaching a 4 to 5 years old kid on how to Turn-On and Turn-Off and playing with MS-Paint and Other games is not an issue.

However teaching kid about the TCP/IP, the Subnet Mask, the Protocols, VPN, Tunneling, Direct-X, BranchCache, Bit-Locker, App-Locker, File System and Encryption with concepts like the Binary System and Wireless Technologies and all that was a big challenge for the entire team.

We decided to took it as a Research Project to explore the child’s mental power. Infact a very fascinating and thought provoking facts were revealed as part of this project. Surprisingly I found that a child brain works 20 times faster than us and has a permanent memory about 50 times more than an elder guy.

The only theory we learned is that the pursuance for excellence is the real meaning of education and this kid has proven this by learning things very quickly. But the basis of all was the strong concept and if you give a wrong concept to the child, it is really difficult to wipe his brains and therefore it was very crucial and paramount to ensure that we have the right people for the right job.

I am glad that the whole project was handled by the Microsoft Certified Trainers and experienced IT Professional with all the Technology and Resources made available on time.

Infact the whole curriculum was changed and customized, we had to switch from Module to Module and there were long discussions on what to teach and how to teach, what examples to use and what not.

The Roadmap as to what he will be able to understand and what not, I mean it was a very very difficult Project where almost a group of 6 people working together to assist this child and help him achieve his dreams for over 13 months continuously.

The Achievement

Born 13 March 2004, Shafay Thobani is a young IT prodigy from Pakistan who started learning computers at the age of 4.

This 8 Years old has been under the training of Microsoft Certified Trainers for last 13 months.

On 09 April 2012 Shafay Thobani appeared in the Prometric Tests and has secured 910 Marks out of 1000 (91% Percent).

He came to prominence by becoming The World’s Youngest Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in the world at the age of 8 years and 24 Days.


About the Child

Young and genius Pakistani kid broke the world record by passing the Microsoft’s Exam on 09 April 2012 thru Authorized Prometric Testing Center and becoming world’s most youngest MCTS – Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist – at the age of 8-years and 24 days only.

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The Hardship Behind Success

This is what it takes him to achieve the great achievement.

For almost 13 months, the child used to follow the following schedule;

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Custom Training Labs

The Training Lab was designed at the National IT Park in Karachi at Thobson Technologies in such a manner that a dedicated area for training with all the advance facilities and technologies were made available including:

A Training Facility for this child using 1,000 Sq Ft Training Area.

All the Resources, including 3 Desktops, Switches, Routers and Laptops.

All Official Microsoft Curriculum – MOC including Media and Installation.

The Microsoft Official Curriculum is a 40 Hours Training was split over 13 Months and that was all Customized MOC.

Keeping the Child Interest in mind, Professional Microsoft Certified Trainers were hired to make this task a reality.

Professional Microsoft Certified Trainers including MCT Mr Faisal Durrani and MCITP Mr Hitesh Kumar, Mr Aamir Amjad, Mr Raheel Shaukhat, Mr Shehzad Thobani along with Dr Shah Thobani teamed up together to draw a line of action.

Keeping the age factor in mind, a dedicated game area for the kid was developed with all the indoor games like Ludo, Chess, Draft, Dart Games, Arcade Games and all the indoor games were arranged.

Since the training was such a long 5 hours, the child were given breaks during and after each lesson for different games too.

Every Module was an achievement and various prices and gifts were announced through out the 13 months to keep the child motivated and to encourage him.

Sports & Activities

He loves to spent his free time in various sports & activities as shown in given picture.

My Wish List

I want to work for poor people of my country.

I want to Meet Bill Gates.

I want to be like my dad.

I want to run my own Technology company.

I want to teach my friends everything and share the power of technology.

I want to help my country.

World’s Youngest Technology Specialist Training Center (WYTP)

Keeping the child’s dreams to bring a revolution in country by providing unique technology offerings that supports needs of youth of Pakistan, Dr Shah Thobani has dedicated a 1,000 Sq Feet Facility for developing the training center where he will personally lend time and expertise focused on youth of Pakistan.

The WYTP Training Center is planned to be launched first quarter of year 2013.