Custom Training Labs

The Training Lab was designed at the National IT Park in Karachi at Thobson Technologies in such a manner that a dedicated area for training with all the advance facilities and technologies were made available including:

A Training Facility for this child using 1,000 Sq Ft Training Area.

All the Resources, including 3 Desktops, Switches, Routers and Laptops.

All Official Microsoft Curriculum – MOC including Media and Installation.

The Microsoft Official Curriculum is a 40 Hours Training was split over 13 Months and that was all Customized MOC.

Keeping the Child Interest in mind, Professional Microsoft Certified Trainers were hired to make this task a reality.

Professional Microsoft Certified Trainers including MCT Mr Faisal Durrani and MCITP Mr Hitesh Kumar, Mr Aamir Amjad, Mr Raheel Shaukhat, Mr Shehzad Thobani along with Dr Shah Thobani teamed up together to draw a line of action.

Keeping the age factor in mind, a dedicated game area for the kid was developed with all the indoor games like Ludo, Chess, Draft, Dart Games, Arcade Games and all the indoor games were arranged.

Since the training was such a long 5 hours, the child were given breaks during and after each lesson for different games too.

Every Module was an achievement and various prices and gifts were announced through out the 13 months to keep the child motivated and to encourage him.

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