The Challenge

Teaching a 4 to 5 years old kid on how to Turn-On and Turn-Off and playing with MS-Paint and Other games is not an issue.

However teaching kid about the TCP/IP, the Subnet Mask, the Protocols, VPN, Tunneling, Direct-X, BranchCache, Bit-Locker, App-Locker, File System and Encryption with concepts like the Binary System and Wireless Technologies and all that was a big challenge for the entire team.

We decided to took it as a Research Project to explore the child’s mental power. Infact a very fascinating and thought provoking facts were revealed as part of this project. Surprisingly I found that a child brain works 20 times faster than us and has a permanent memory about 50 times more than an elder guy.

The only theory we learned is that the pursuance for excellence is the real meaning of education and this kid has proven this by learning things very quickly. But the basis of all was the strong concept and if you give a wrong concept to the child, it is really difficult to wipe his brains and therefore it was very crucial and paramount to ensure that we have the right people for the right job.

I am glad that the whole project was handled by the Microsoft Certified Trainers and experienced IT Professional with all the Technology and Resources made available on time.

Infact the whole curriculum was changed and customized, we had to switch from Module to Module and there were long discussions on what to teach and how to teach, what examples to use and what not.

The Roadmap as to what he will be able to understand and what not, I mean it was a very very difficult Project where almost a group of 6 people working together to assist this child and help him achieve his dreams for over 13 months continuously.

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