The World’s Youngest Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)

Today’s kids have grown up in the age of online communication, networking, the internet, cell phones, digital music and digital cable, they have had different childhood experiences compared with other generations. This makes them more likely to react differently than their older counterparts to technology and learning initiatives.

Born 13 March 2004 in Texas, USA, Shafay Thobani is a young IT prodigy from Pakistan who started learning computers at the age of 4.

This 8 years old kid is the son of Dr Shah Thobani who is the CEO of Thobson Technologies, Pakistan’s Largest Managed Infrastructure and Solutions Provider. Dr Thobani has served industry for over 25 years now.

Living with Technology and Computer environment, this wire-head kid has been using computer games, x-box, PSP, Wii, Mobiles, Laptops, Ipad, Server, Switches and all the technology installation, integration, deployment facilities available at home and his father’s office.

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